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Is it domestic violence?
Hi everyone, last year October time I picked up my son 3 yrs at that time from childminder at 4 and was meant to bring him 7 o'clock because she didn't want me to know where she lives she would tell me to drop him off on the road 200 yards away from the block of flats she lives in as soon as I text " I'm here " she comes outside and take him of me. On that evening when I texted her she decided to switch off the phone and made me and my son wait in the car for her to come for half hour, at this point I decided to drive back to my house as my son had a long day and was hungry so those games are nasty. The moment I started to drive off she called saying that she had no reception I know she was hiding behind the curtain as I saw her so I stopped the car and when she came very slowly walking towards me I said that she shouldn't be using our son in order to be horrible to me she said she doesn't want to speak to me and walked straight into me pushing me kind of out of her way I tapped her shoulder it wasn't a push but close to it and said to her " don't u dare pushing me I brought ur child home " I went home and texted her " why u always so agresive "
Next two days police called me that I should come for voluntary interview next week so I went there they said that I assaulted her by pushing her on that night I made my own statement etc and I left next four weeks I didn't see my son only when police called me after 3 weeks or so that they don't have evidence and cctv they won't be pursuing this any further so it was dropped. That's when she started to let me see him again it's been 9 months since then and no charges or anything does it stand as domestic violence if we ever go court or not?
She might claim it is and you would just need to say what you said here. Do you have the text message you sent? I don't think much would come of it if she has no proof and contact has carried on since.
None of my business but the way i see it is like this. We are already at a disadvantage, seems the system is rigged against us. Now this is really easy to type and probably one the hardest things to do. Try never to react to her aggression, dosnt matter if she starts something its you that will come off worse. If its bad enough then sure report it, but again think about school play grounds and dont be the kid that always goes running to teacher.

My reasoning is one day you might need a fast response, if your not known as someone always calling in silly stuff then its better for you. Lastly remember your a role model and a dad, try and be the better person none of this is really about us, its all about our kids and wanting to a part of their lives. Personally i want to be the part of my daughters life she sees as the good part.
Yh I got text and in her statement she admited to pushing me I'm seeing my son regularly without a gap he is with me now as I'm typing
well if you got your son whilst typing there is nothing to worry about is there? go and enjoy the hot weather
He is having his nap now but I was only thinking about cafcass if they hear this they wouldn't care that it was almost a year ago and contact has carried on since without gap they ll put me into contact centre without chances of explaining what happened if we ever go court that's why I'm paranoid as I know this system it's just in best interests of the mother
(07-11-2018, 11:31 AM)warwickshire1 Wrote: well if you got your son whilst typing there is nothing to worry about is there? go and enjoy the hot weather

Last thing i wanted to read when its raining here! Tongue

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