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Mediation advice
Hi Dads,

I am about to book mediation/MIAM to see if arrangements re: kids can be sorted. I suspect that this won't be the case, as STBX has made it clear that she wants me to have' 'contact' Fri-Sun every other week, with an alternating mid-week visit.

I am still living in family home with kids, and I am an extremely hands on involved father with evidence- written and photographic, to prove it [she has asserted that I have only become somewhat involved the last couple of months].

My questions:
1. Do I go for the ultimate - 50/50 knowing that I will have to negotiate down (I will not accept anything less than 5 nights in 14 - but that would include 50% holidays and a lives with shared care consent order)
2. Can I show the mediator my evidence without STBX to make the mediator understand that I have been and am still currently a fully involved full-time father?
3. If I have to go to court afterwards, can I go back to a 50/50 position?
4. How detailed does a child care plan have to be for mediation purposes?

Thank you dads!!!
1. Yes
2. You can but the mediator has no power so it won't mean anything
3. Yes, anything said within mediation is privileged and without prejudice.
4. As above

Given what you've said you'll need to compromise to get agreement. If you want 5 in 14 it might be possible given what you've said in your first paragraph (with a little compromise Fri thru Monday and every Weds for example = 5 in 14).

No one will care about your written and photographic evidence, I would suspect.

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