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Asking Questions In Court
I am going to be going in to court (again) and I now have to ask her questions as to her statement etc. what is the correct terminology in relation is to asking these e.g.
“Can I refer you to your paragraph xxx on page xxx where you said xxx”
I’m kinda suck on the finish, would it be how can you prove this or how did you come to this conclusion?
When putting questions to your ex in court, your role is to try and satisfy the judge that your version of the facts is the correct one by pointing out where there is no evidence or where she has got things wrong. As far as possible, try and frame questions so that the answer is ‘yes’ or ‘no’, by making the questions statements that you ask her to agree or disagree with. It’s not in your interests to ask open-ended questions like “How did you come to this conclusion?” if you can generally avoid it, as these give her the chance to make mini-speeches back.

An example from my hearing: “Can I refer you to paragraph xxx on page xxx of your statement where you claim that I am not meeting our daughter’s emotional and nutritional needs. Have you taken her to a qualified specialist such as a child psychologist or a nutritionist to have her properly evaluated? (Answer: no.) So it’s just your view is it?” (Answer: yes, but some of my friends know about these things.) But no formal evaluation has been done? (Answer: no.) I’d made my point effectively enough and could then move on before she started on any lengthy justification of her view.
Wicked mate, cheers Smile
Great stuff. I've read that another thing Barrister's do is try and prove they are lying about something - which then discredits the whole of the rest of their statement. By finding one bit of the statement and asking - you said Dad never drove the kids anywhere is that right? Yes. Then another bit of the statement. You say you don't drive is that right? Yes. So Dad did drove you and the kids wherever you needed to go? Yes. So a contradiction is shown and it shows she has lied about one thing There's an example here:

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