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How to stop wife running up big debts before divorce comes through?
Hi everybody, I'm a brand new member, please be kind.

After 16 years of marriage my wife has decided a month ago that she wants out. The last month or so has been absolute misery for me living in the same house as her. I am planning on going away for a bit to a friend's place just to get a break.

Summary: All our finances are joint - from bank to CCs to mortgage. The ownership of the house is also in both names. There is about £160K of equity in the house after paying off mortgage and others matters. There are two kids. She has always been full time mum and I have been the sole earner. She has offered to sell the house, split everything 50-50 and have shared residence... which all sounds fair.

But I don't trust her. What she says and what she does are completely different. I also feel she's got a bit of a mental health issue.

My question today is this: Can she run up huge debts in the next few weeks, and how do I stop her? My concern is that she'll borrow money - which, of course, we'll be jointly liable for - and squirrel it away with her family. Then when we sell the house there will be a whole chunk of debt to be cleared before we can split the proceeds 50-50.

Your thoughts / advice would be most appreciated.
Before you go for a break start drawing up a separation agreement you can chat through and use with your wife, there is a sample one on this site somewhere, if she is agreeable she will sign up to it. And separate your finances now, so have no credit cards in joint names, or anything else that could be used to run up a debt, put it in the separation agreement that from point X, any debts she runs up are hers. See a mediator, like yesterday, with your wife to validate your agreement and sign off on it. Do this now. Also start the divorce proceedings now, as if you wait two years, like me, you alone have increased the equity in the house that she now gets half of, also ex wives turn into bitches at some point so get out while the getting is good. Be smart, gain knowledge and work quick.

Good luck!

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