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First Hearing today went amazing !
Well first hearing today. I went for 50/50 and came out with it solicitor spoke to my ex. And came back and said she agreed so started cracking on with consent order . Ex went into speak to cafcass and things started to go wrong he was not happy with the proposal too much of a impact. I went into speak separately with cafcass and he agreed to it but with a review hearing in November to see how it’s going .

So great result !
well done. very good your ex agreed . wonder why she went to court
Only two days ago she was only offering one nite a week for tea maybe it helped she wasn’t represented
Congratulations to you, that is a pretty fantastic result so early on.
Congrats! We love a good win.

Interesting that Cafcass wasn’t happy .... if two parents agree then they should agree also.
Congrats, thats a good result. Not sure what all the bother was about if she readily agreed to 50/50? Cafcass are going from the standpoint that its the childrens best interest, they are probably thinking its too much too quick and the children may not take to the adjustment easily. But still you would think that if the parents had agreed and there are no safeguarding issues then they would agree.
Great news. Your ex probably didn't want it to go to a final hearing - very expensive. Cafcass probably genuinely thought it was a big change too quickly but glad you talked them round. Sounds like your Solicitor did a good job. She probably said if it went to a final hearing it will get unpleasant, cost a lot of money and he could well get an order for what he's asking for so you might as well agree now.

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