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Crisis time
So what do I do if ex refuses to let son come this week-end?  He lives with both parents.  Is there anything I can do if she says he's not coming - ie get the police to say he must be allowed to come as he lives there?  It is all quiet at the moment and a lot going on in the background.
I'd be surprised if the police would want to get involved. Wouldn't him not coming be a breach of the order, and a possible route back to court for enforcement?
It's been happening to me a lot lately, I filed a C79.
How long does an enforcement hearing take after applying? So it makes no difference whether he lives with me or not?
What you can do is phone police and say you are going round to her house and would like there help to prevent any possible breach of peace from your ex partner. . may come round if not busy or at least you pre warned them. you can also advise your ex what you are doing this then make her hand children over .
It is very clear she does not want to comply with order whatsoever

I know though there is nothing the police can do is she refuses to hand them over, but more stuff logged for the courts that u done it the correct way

enforcement hearing took me ages 6 weeks , may be sooner for you
Thanks. She has indicated she isn't intending to breach the order. Expect son will arrive very alienated again though. He was off school this week and alone at home with her. Or she will send him to the door saying he doesn't want to come.
I would say if this happens ..our son loves seeing his daddy just like he enjoys seeing his mummy. You should be encouraging contact and allow him to enjoy time with both parents, your hostility towards me is making our son feel awkward

she is too obsessed in trying to get one over on you or ways of pressing buttons she is forgetting who is suffering in all this if it carries on. your son
Collection went ok as he was back at school. Any communication to ex is pointless - she is on another planet and comes out with the same hostile drivel and self delusion.
I don't understand something, what is the point of this biased court system if u have an order, she breach it and yet again there's no fine or anything same goes for alienation, I'm reading ur posts and what this woman does she should be locked up seriously! They say alienation is emotional child abuse because it is, so why on earth those stupid spineless people in court allow this to continue? The more I read about all this nonsense the more I'm convinced that fathers should take matters in their own hands, can you imagine if every father today took his child and not returned it make the idiot woman go court this messed up system would melt.
Unfortunately you have to work with the system Robert - taking things into your own hands would have you locked up as a dangerous unhinged person. Although I like Bob Geldof's take on it - he said something like "NO-ONE is going to tell me I can't see MY children". He did get custody - but then he had a lot of money!

She hasn't breached anything. The alienation is a big problem - and isn't picked up by courts usually. Even worse if you try and claim it they can label you as the alienator (ie you're accusing the Mother of something!). Keeping regular contact and showing them normality when they're with you helps. Keeping up good and reasonable communication with the ex and avoiding any hostility helps (if you can). Don't get into arguments. Always sound like the reasonable one.

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