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Wife leaving a house during school holidays
Hi everyone. Have posted before and have received good advice from all of you who responded, also browsing a portal.
All of you have told not to leave a house. My situation is :
* I am still waiting a letter from her solicitors ( it's already 3weeks when she told me she paid to them,and she had no money to pay for her rent. We own mortgage under shared ownership. I pay mortgage she is paying rent)
* Have seen a solicitor, was advised ( not to do a pressure on her, enjoy life and kids) and to wait for a letter from her solicitors.
*We are sending kids ( 1 biological son and 1from her past ) for summer holidays abroad to grandparents. (Both agree, still not sure if she will allow them to wisit grandparents from my side)
* We are not divorced yet ( she is refusing mediation and to go to family center)
* I sleep with biological son in the same room (he is 8), she sleeps in a room with her son (he is 14)
* Her clothes and mine are in bedroom where i am staying.
* We are not legally separated but don't sleep in the same bed/room for 7month now. We are buying food for all family, doing laundry/ cleaning together ( most of this time I am looking for the kids and house, as she is trying to get away from sleeping In the house)

Advise needed: she said she will not come back home while kids are away on holidays for 6weeks. If so can it be treated as she left a house of residence?
Also few weeks ago she had overdosed medicine. She has history of depression and mood changes.(Ambulance/police was involved and insident was recorded by emergency services)

How all this can affect my future claim for full responsibility of my son + non biological son? Don't think she is phisicaly stable to look after the kids.

Thank you for your advice and support
At the moment she may not be able to look after the kids but social services would probably see it as a short term thing while she got support. Why are both kids away for the whole six weeks? Aren't they spending any time with either of you? I am not sure on the housing situation - someone else may know.
If things got tricky if there is no safeguarding concerns biological son would live with you but non biological son would go into care unless he requested he lived with you then it would be up to social services what happens. a positive they would see is both boys would be together. With all this stuff going on is it really a good idea to be sending your 8 year old son especially abroad for 6 weeks with everything going on. Is he excited to be away from you for 6 weeks and wanting to go?

With you potentially having no kids for 6 weeks I can see her behaviour only getting worse rather than better.
Hi. It's summer school holidays. Every year we are sending children to see grandparents abroad. It also helps us financially,so we don't pay for a childcare while working. Both of them are excited to visit grandparents.

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