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newly separated father
Hi all, my wife is moving out of our rented property with our two boys 6 and 4 years old into a council/private rented property as a full time student. Courts are not involved yet as im trying to salvage our marriage first and foremost, i'm seeing a councillor this Wednesday as this has hit me really hard and its hard to process. where my wife has had this in her for several months and kept it quiet. my two boys are in the middle, and i don't find it fair on them that they are having to move because she is unhappy in our marriage into a different privately rented or council property. is there anything i can do to prevent them from moving house as where we are now is their home and has been for 3/4 years now. This will effect them on so many levels its unreal as i am a big part of their lives yes i have to work but i spend as much time with them as possible. where as my wife is a full time student with no fiance behind her apart from student finance. of 10 k tuition plus another 10 for the kids apparently as she is a single full time student/mum or will be,  with a job as a sales assistant one day a week. 
any advice please on what i can do to keep my boys home with me as i am in a stable job with their uncle possibly staying with me. I have family here to support me where as my wife doesn't as her family mother and father are separated also. and lives 70/300 miles away. 

Joe Smile

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