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Body cam for handover
Following another verbal tirade from my partners ex and her partner, the police have strongly advised he wears a body cam to record handover to protect himself and to provide evidence of domestic abuse. She has already been on an offenders course thanks to cctv capturing the physical assault she committed.

Has anyone had experience of this. It seems while it's all admissible in family court, the police are actively wanting this kind of recording to be able to prosecute with. Or it just becomes tit for tat. Without the police record, social services and family court won't accept the concerns.
There isn't much point of a bodycam really. Police half the time don't know what to advise properly especially regarding domestic abuse. What I am saying is it depends on which officer you get as its like a lottery. You get really good ones and really poor ones. All you can do is keep a diary and write down what happens at handovers. They know who it is causing trouble as she has been on an offenders course already.

What you can do everytime theres a tirade of serious abuse and threats of physical violence is keep phoning police and having it logged with them. this protects yourself immediately. you unfortunately going to have to remain calm and try avoid
any kind of argument. Where you cant speak to her maybe use text or contact book instead.

Your child is pretty young from what I remember as you could of used a nursery/school to pick up or collect from so you don't have to see your ex at all or at least limit it.
They have previously advised filming but he hasn't wanted to as he knows how family court view it.

Police seem to take a completely different approach. The police officer has written it as official advice to him, and so have the early intervention team who came to visit yesterday.

His ex has been informed by the police officer that they have advised him to do this.

Despite multiple reports, until there is proof they say there is nothing they can do. This time she made a counter allegation that he had an aggressive manner ?. He did actually have his phone on record on his pocket, so he can defend himself if he needed. But it didn't pick up the shouting and swearing as by that point he had walked away.

Contact book ended badly also. That's now been stopped. Generally communication is in text.

She is 18 months. Pick up is a long way off being at nursery or school sadly. It will be better when it's only once a week. At the minute it's 3 times a week.
use a mobile phone and wear a jacket/item of clothing where it can sit in and view what's going on

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