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Court date set during holiday
Hi. Booked holiday with kids while ago, than applied to Court and First hearing date is during the holiday that I meant to spend abroad with kids.
What Are my chance to get it changed? Don't wanna cancel the holiday as kids would be upset and I can't afford new one as this one did cost me quite a lot.
You'll have to ask the court to adjourn it and send details of the holiday booking.
Charlie my solicitor Did Ask for that, How likely They would agree to that? Not sure If my solicitor is worth the money I pay for the service ?
It should be easy to change, maybe through no fault of your own you could of let courts know you away certain dates when making application. If ex not agreeing or willing to sort out arrangements , a 1st hearing is over in a few minutes and you have to return for another hearing
I don't think she would agree to anything that I wan't as she is using kids as a weapon.
If date don't get changed should I cut my holiday with kids short? It would cost me £800 for tickets back to the UK day before the hearing. And half of the time we Could spend there.
No take your holiday, I think you can ring courts or at least email them and let them know the holiday was already booked prior to you making application to court.

If your ex isn't going to agree to anything you will only be in court 5 mins and the other few hours could be waiting to go in as they will have you back for a directions hearing 5 week later or so. surely your solicitor should be able to advise u what to do. You don't really need a solicitor at the start to be fair as u can self represent

how old are kids and what access u getting at moment. The fact you are going abroad etc is a very positive thing for sure
I did take solicitors all ready to deal with the case So will leave it as it is. They did send something to the Court about the holidays and asking for the date to be changed. Hope it would work that way, to be honest it was solicitors fault Not letting Court know at the time of application as I have discussed this with them and They said that They would Ask Court to exclude summer holidays as my ex is with them abroad now and I'm doing the same later.

I don't think she would agree to something as she is throwing stupid thinks my way Just Not to have it done, so she can show she is a govner. I Hope judge would Ask her Why Not as at mediation When she was asked this by mediatior she Just keept quiet.
I believe they will have no problem adjourning it if you have a holiday booked. Holidays are seen as important for kids. Whether your ex agrees or not. The difficulty could be if they send a new date and it's when your ex is on holiday! My first hearing was very very long actually. About four hours - mainly with Cafcass trying to get agreement.
She is on holiday nie with kids So that's Not a problem. How Lond before the first hearing should I expect call from CAFCASS? All What I got from them is "Welcome letter"
Did the welcome letter come by email? After that you usually get a letter (either by Egress email or through the post) with an appointment day and time for the phone call.

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