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Good news at last
Hi all

Well after years of being made out to be the bad one my delightful ex wife has made a mistake.
I moved out again 2 weeks ago and last night she decided to get drunk and start on the kids.
My kids are 21,18 and 14 the eldest was out at her boyfriends so that left the 2 lads at home she started on the eldest then the youngest so I got a call at 1.30 this morning from them saying she was drunk and picking on the youngest my eldest had his phone on speaker so I could hear the venom coming out of her and despite him continually asking her to calm down and go to bed she kept getting worse.
While she was screaming at him the youngest called the police .
Now in the past every time she’s kicked off at me she’s called them and I’ve been thrown out but this time she did it when I was living else where.
The police arrived just before I did and removed her to her mates house near by when the police returned I’d got the youngest to bed and settled as by then it was 3.30am they spoke to my eldest who had to fill out forms and then to me
I asked them what would happen after 8 when would be allowed to return as the kids where worried about it and they told me as the house is in joint names I couldn’t stop her returning.
But the house is in my name only I said and so is the mortgage well said the older of the police men as that is the case you don’t have to let her in ???

She is allowed to return for her belongings but if you have any trouble he said just call us.

My beautiful demon arrived at 8 on the button to return to her all incisive lifestyle but to find the door closed she then began to cry and scream and called for our daughter who had returned a bit before her and gave her an Oscar winning performance and guilt trip so my daughter let her in as she promised to get her stuff and go.

This alas didn’t happen she then decided she was staying
Again the police arrived and again the light of my life was removed but not before she took essential items such as pictures the butter dish and butter the sugar bowl all the lamps she could get hold off (the day before she also sold the dog) and many other things she couldn’t possibly live without including the family car but she can have all that as we all prefer lurpac anyway.

The moral is lads if you give somebody enough rope eventually they will hand themselves.

I’m back in my own home with my kids and she can’t do a thing about it..

Keep fighting fellas as one day it will come good not matter how bad it seems at times
She sold the dog?!
Yep she is a special one is my ex to be and that’s probably
Not the worst thing she’s done over the 22 years we have been married
quality just quality....i'm handing the rope out stage at the moment..
Hang on in there it will work out in the end mate

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