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Arrangements order and problems with social worker
I have problems with my 4yr old sons social worker being all buddy with my ex in which it's my belief the social worker and my ex conspired against me in which it led to my ex getting the family home and arrangements order.. Now b4 all this I raised my son whilst the ex just sat on the sofa chatting up guys on her phone whilst I did all house work.. And did everything for my son.. And she could not be arsed to do the simple stuff for our son.. Now I'm being told iv gotta have supervision contact with my son which I'm not happy about as me and my boy are closer than what he is with his mother... Anyone got any help.. Or ideas what I can do to fight back.. As she even put down that we did mediation on her application.. For which we had no mediation
Have you been to family court yet? Its important if theres a social worker you get them on your side.

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