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Final Hearing this afternoon
Getting ready for the final hearing this afternoon. Im a little stressed and am hoping she wants to come to an arrangement because after all this time of not trying to bad mouth her and make her look bad i am now expected to cross examine her and ask her a load of questions it seems to pretty much do exactly that. Im pretty sure she wont be prepared for all this though. 

Anyway i will update this later when im back and hopefully with some decent news.
Good Luck
The opinions here are not that of Separated Dads, but merely a loving father who has been through the process and has come out the other side.
Good luck!
good luck
Here goes im back from court. The good news is contact has been progressed and i will have my daughter a little more, every Weds evening and whole days every saturday or sunday. The from January i will have her every saturday or sunday whole day and alternate weekends i have her overnight from saturday 10am until sunday 3pm. Also alternating special days.

My Mackenzie friend tried to negotiate with her to begin with, i set out my aim to work towards 50/50 care over a few months. Mother of course wanted none of it and basically wanted to continue as is which is 4hrs every saturday. And that i do not have overnights and that our daughter needed to be home by 4.30pm. Strange that she then said she would agree to half holidays to which my Mckenzie friend pointed out that means overnight. So she said yeah but i would have to return our daughter to her every day. She also made some new allegations about me abusing her at handover, of course this did not happen. Also that i have not been feeding her.

We went into court and i didnt really have to do anything apart from tell them what i wanted and what i suggested to progress contact. The best thing is mother then decides that she will agree with it all saying she had no problem with it and was reasonable.

The magistrates would not go as far as i wanted by giving a set date to implement my arrangement plans because as usual they want the parents to be responsible parents and work and agree together about things. We all know this probably wont happen and i will end up back in court in 6-8 months to vary the order to increase contact. (i can only hope not). They also got her to write a list of what our daughter likes and doesnt like for me. I think they were just appeasing her tbh.
Good man well done - progress!
Well done you are right you may well be back in court in 6-8 months time to increase contact further and shes hostile and u will be wanting every weekend .. But for now its building up and you are going to be getting overnights and see loads more. Its highly likely your ex wont be happy so keep your own diary recording handovers and what u done with your child and dates etc for reference if needed. take plenty of photos as thats proof your child loves spending time with you. Courts tend to applease ex partners so they can get you an order without them kicking off a fuss . i had similar order few years ago and loads of complications and had to return again due to loads of made up crazy laughable allegations.
Well done , and judges done well as you had ex that refused nothing or 4 hours at the most, it will get to near enough what you want in future

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