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So this is kind of a multiple question and answer and general chat kinda thread really hence the layout.

How can you tell in real world situations if you are an alcoholic or what is classed as such?

How can you tell in real world situations if you are suffering from depression more so if you are and you get signed off what would happen in terms of CAFCASS, Court Orders and Social Services etc?
Alcohol dependency is simple, if you cant stop drinking, right now, you have a dependency problem. Full blown alcoholism means you feel ill and incapable of functioning without booze, there is a difference between the two. Coming home to an empty flat and cracking open some beers by yourself is just sad rather then being an actual problem, if its you then see if you can go a full week, or Sun - Fri without booze?

Depression is marked by a whole load of long term or short term symptoms. If its short term then it might be anxiety (or GAD) caused by wife/kids/money/job issues, symptoms might be sleeplessness, loss of appetite, hitting booze/drugs, tingly fingers and toes, fidgeting, unable to concentrate on work or relationships. Your body is pumped full of hormones and adrenaline and might be suffering from being stuck in a prolonged 'fight or fight mode'. If you know about it, having a plan, exercising cutting out the booze/drugs etc all help.

Longer term depression in people I've known involved intrusive thoughts, sometimes suicidal, inability to get up in the morning, ruminating about bad stuff, not looking after yourself or keeping clean, diet going out the window.

Anxiety can often be self treated, its usually short term and you can do a lot before going to the GP, depression is something you'd want to see your GP about, different talking therapies and medicines can be prescribed, some self help stuff too.

I don't know how it affects CAFCASS and the such like, good luck....
CAFCASS should not act on Depression, lots of people have had it.

Alcoholism is a different kettle of bunnies, you could be asked to obtain a hair strand sample (circa £700 each time), or be asked to provide a breath test each time you have your child - even at a contact center (some wont do this as its not their responsibility).

Do you feel you have an alcohol dependancy? There are facilities probably in your home town that can assist - and I dont mean Alcoholics Anonymous which doesnt work for everyone.
The opinions here are not that of Separated Dads, but merely a loving father who has been through the process and has come out the other side.
Depression tends to be split into two groups - situational depression and clinical depression. After a traumatic event like divorce or relationship breakdown it is more likely to be situational depression which will probably lift after some time. There are tests online that can score your emotional state to see if you're in a depressive state, for me the main sign was struggling to get out of bed and face the day. If it's clinical depression it's more likely you will have been showing depressive signs before divorce or relationship breakdown started, or even when the relationship was relatively good.

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