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Daily call to mum reasonable?
The mother is asking for daily calls with my 7yo daughter during her holiday with me.
These calls are painful lists of questions on what she ate, whether she stayed away from the sun, done her holiday homeworks, etc... And are killing the fun of her time with me.

Do you think it's reasonable for a mother to ask daily calls at this age? I don't think my daughter would need more than once a week really, during her two week holiday with me. but I'd be ok every 3 days to keep the num ok.

What are your thoughts?
No, it's not at all reasonable and a court certainly wouldn't stand for it. The mother is trying to be controlling and its not in the childs best interests
For what it’s worth, I have a 2 weekly call with my kids (have them 5 out of 14) and when they’re with me they have the occasional call with mum if it’s the holidays and they’re with me for a while.

So no, no neither reasonable nor practical. Don’t say no because it’s ok to stay in touch. Good in fact. But set four boundaries and stick to them. That could be - a call any time that’s reasonable, which good expct to be no more than 20m onnce every 3-4 days. Whatever works for you. State it. Stick to it. Within reason.

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