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Mother changing contact as she pleasws
It seems the whole system is very forgiving. What incentive does my ex partner have if the courts will not punish her for breaking the court order? Everytime I drag her to court it costs me an arm and a leg.

So far my legal expenses sit at around 14k over the last 16 months ! There seems to be no end in sight.
It will get a lot easier when your daughter starts full time school. It wont be so easy to breach court order like she has been doing and will t have to accept it as it will become harder for her to breach. Its a long process but she cant keep breaking them.
Hi I accused of rape And domestic violence by kids mum rape case was dropped by police and domestic violence also now I am in court for child contact i have the two days facts finding hearing on October so if I found guilty at family Court will I get some sort of contact or just in wasting my money? Any idea you might have experience
It’s not up to you to prove you’re innocent in family court. It’s not like criminal court. If you haven’t been found guilty elsewhere it’s just mud slinging.
Do you have a solicitor or are you self represented?
If you have a finding made against you for rape. You'll still get contact. But it'll be severely restricted for a while. It's up to the accuser to prove the allegations are true in family court. But I'd strongly advise against just sitting there and not making your own defense.

I was accused of rape and the fact finding had no finding made against me. Contact started the following week. And my ex now has a black smudge against her name for any hearings to come. She's lost any credibility she had !

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