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Im acutely aware that I do a fair bit of moaning so thought I would just put a positive up if it helps anyone else.

Daughter starts school in a few weeks and theres been a fair bit of trouble around this. The teacher spends the first couple weeks visiting childrens homes. I politely said to ex that it would be nice if we could share this, Ill only get to do this once. Ex was having none of it. The teachers said they take a picture of the whole family to put above the peg, which is especially hurtful since the ex refused to have any family photos with me in.

Anyway, I went to speak to school before they broke up and explained everything to the head teacher. She was amazing, she said we can easily fit in a home visit with you and your daughter, this is to be booked next week. They gave me a second set of forms where I can nominate people for pickup on my days etc etc. Whilst Im over the moon I have to say that even Im a little worried about the ex's reaction when she finds out.

Speak to the school, they truly can be amazing.
Picture with the family above their peg? Never heard of that one before. It's a nice idea though. Can't help but feel that it might be difficult for some children when they look over at the "perfect" family snaps of some of their peers though.
My kids school has pictures of the kids, taken at home, but just them. Schools can really be great if you go to them with a smile on your face. They have to include everyone with PR and they do do it willingly if you try. Well done that man!

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