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please help, I think my ex is slowly driving me mad
My ex and I had a baby months ago, gradually contact has been reduced to 10am until 6 pm each Sunday although I have to travel 160 miles in that time.
I used to also have one weekday contact but this was stopped as I couldn't "Guarantee" which day after I missed one Wednesday due to working nights the previous night.
Anyway filed C100 and went to court and agreed to try a plan of our own before court issued one and it feels like Ive fallen at the first fence.
She has other kids with a dad who left her and their contact is every Wednesday overnight until Thursday morning
Friday overnight until tea time on Saturday and every weekend Friday night until Monday morning (alternating with above)

I have been offered Wednesday am until 6 pm ( although she insists Id have to collect at 7am as she says its unfair for me to collect from nursery)
Every Friday again from 7am until Saturday at 6pm

This seems so unfair and when I say why do the other kids gets so much more time with their dad she says Im obsessed I am due back in court in November and wonder what you guys think? Am I being unreasonable or she being unreasonable?
What would a court usually offer and does it make a difference that she stated in court that her other children have had their routine for 10 tearsand it works brilliantly? incidentally her other kids are 6 and 11 and I have had overnight stays before with my 12 month old without any issues etc although I do also have an 18 and 15 year old although sadly their mum died young
Thanks and please be honest with your opinions I just need my sanity kept
You will have no choice but to accept what shes offering. Until your child is 2 a court wont allow overnights unless your ex partner agrees to it.
A court could offer as little as around 4-6 hours max due to young age of child. I would probably accept contact and try and build it up gradually just before shes 2 and try avoid costly visits to court

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