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Ex breaking contact order
If she is declined the legal aid she is in serious trouble. Im guessing the solicitor is confident she'll get it.
It seems to me that if she is declined aid then there is a lack of evidence which you can use to your advantage. It might make things easier.
Thanks guys. Think the best approach I have as I had previously messaged her solicitor and requested that she inform my ex that she is ordered by the courts to respond to my letters to my sons, that this is to be reinstated. No reply. So the next logical step I can see once my solicitor is back from annual leave is to have her make the request to my ex’s solicitor and demand reinstatement of the letters response. If this fails then it will be seeking for the court to enforce the order as she is breaching the order and is thus contempt of court.

Warwickshire: The next hearing is a rehearig of the 16th of July where the court is to determine whether a finding of fact hearing is required due to both of us alleging domestic abuse, and also if a CAFCASS section 7 is required. My solicitor explained that I have actually had more hearings than necessary and that the magistrates have delayed this case from occurring with speed in light of my sons ages as both are under 3. The court even made reference that there is a likelihood that this will return to the district judges.

But the ex is withholding my sons on the following grounds:
• Domestic Abuse against her
• Fear of my sons’ safety around me
• That I a.m. supposedly “Mentally Ill” even though I was only diagnosed with anxiety and depression.
• That I am an alcoholic
• That I am a drug user
• That she doesn’t have the capability to pay for supervised contact (yet can afford photoshoots...?)
• Refused to reply to letters as I asked my eldest son to not hit his younger brother, as I found this information out through a statement she made to Social Services and claims I am “getting the information” from someone... despite it being in a disclosure.

As you can tell she is actively trying to break my bonds with my sons and I know she has a new partner that she is probably trying to introduce as “Daddy”. Disgusting woman.

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