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Final Order
Dear all.
Today after a 15 months of hell. A father , a resident parent, a victim of DV and most of all a victim of the family courts.

As some of you may know I have followed procedures and ensured the welfare and safety of my son. But this was not good enough. Protecting him from harm was put on blind eyes. All the concerns around safeguarding was ignored.
The misleading report from the guardian was so detrimental that there could only be one outcome.
The courts respect and welcome these experts that could do no wrong.

The best part is that the guardian reported if I continue to breach the orders?????? They will seek direction from the court to place the child in mothers care and dad to have weekend contact.

Bare in mind I don't criticise ppl so easily.
When a child has lived with the father since birth and the child is already established stability ,security and a sense of safety then why disrupt it.?
Because Im a father......

The guardian mislead the court by reporting baseless allegations and filing a report full of of factual inaccuracies.full stop. This was the final nail in my coffin.

A 2-2-5-5 pattern recommended by the guardian was spat at by my barrister and rightly so.
Kid would have lived out of his back pack.

The judge hinted a order one week on one week off.
So given that all my concerns were not considered or likely to be considered it was suggested by my barrister to focus in residency .

So cut a bulls up story short.

Final order
The child shall live with father.
Contact with mother with stayed contact. The word stayed put in because the mother stated would help her to secure a 2 bed properly.
One week on and One week off.
One Mid week tea time contact 3-7
Father to share child benefit with mother.. Because mother brought it up it was not fair.
The biggest concern was that mother can take child to a non hague country when there had been previous attempts of abduction x2.

Ordered I give up passport today and mother can travel today.
Holidays shared but remain with the pattern one week on one week off.

So the bottom line is. Regardless what factual evidence u have of significant harm to a child , police logs etc. Common assaults , gbh. It makes no difference.

Your just father. The same rules don't apply to mothers.
Resident father or not. The system will do its up most to place the child with the mother, or make contact more less.

The system screwed me over.
I will have to now ensure I continue to support my son so that he don't become another society reject.

Next step formal complaints,to CAFCASS.

I wish fathers to have a better outcome if you too are Resident parent fighting to prove your ability as a good parent.

Over and out . Time to pick up the pieces and somehow move one.

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