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Final order
Havent posted for a while as i got quite depressed as my last court hearing stop me from seeing my kids, with everything going on, but i had a my final hearing, my ex show here true colours up in court.  I know have a court order on here and get to see my children  every other weekend and certain holidays, as there a long distance between us.  So now if she say i cant i can get here arrested.  Main issue was meeting for hand overs as she use every excuse possbible why she couldnt meet me  anywhere on route.  She now saying she has a medical conditon that she cant drive,  so i got  the court to get her to issue me with a doctors note.  which again she wasnt happy about, ended up with her storming off saying im not seeing the kids again, although i now have a court order to prove otherwise.
Good man. You have the order, a good starting point and if you want, as you can you can apply to increase it over time. Well done Smile

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