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My child's mum is stopping me from Seeing my son after 3 years of shared custody
Hi, I'm wondering if someone can help or point me in the direction of someone taht maybe able to help. My child's mother and I separated 3 years ago, we agreed (by ourselves outside of court) shared custody and since then have had him 50/50 (4 days one week, 3 the next). We live in different cities and I have always driven to both pick him up and drop him off to his mother's however she has become unreliable of late, changing times, venues to drop him off etc so I asked that she come and pick him up herself as after 3 years of running around for her I have had enough. I was due pick my son up 2 days ago but just as I was leaving I received a message from her stating that she had begun the process of mediation and was planning on filing a court order as I refused to bring him back to her (after I told her to come and pick him up she was unable to get transport so as a gesture I said on this last a occasion I would drop him home, which I duly did) and that until mediation had contacted me I was to have no contact what so ever with her, was to have no contact what so ever with my son and any effort to do so would result in the police being contacted.
Is someone able to advise where I go from here as I have never been in this position, nor did I ever think I would be as we had an agreement in place already that was working just fine until now. 

Thank you in advance for any help
Hi Chant,
This appears to be a common issue with non-formalised child agreements, the mother sticks to the plan then appear to change their minds at a later point in time. Do you have evidence of the 4 days week 1 and then 3 days week 2 arrangement. What will definitely go in your favour is the fact that this has been the status quo for 3 years if you are able to prove it.

You'll have to attend mediation and try to come to a resolution with your ex on child arrangements, if this is not possible, then the alternative is to submit a C100 form to the court (£215 fee) asking for a Child Arrangements Order. Just be cautious with the type of communication you are having with your ex, there doesn't appear to have been an issue for 3 years but this could change now that court proceedings may be initiated
Force an order. You’ve been doing it for 3 years they will come down in favour of the status quo. Just jump though the hoops to do it now because it takes time.

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