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Full statement of evidence
After first hearing we have been ordered to provide a full statement of evidence.

I'm representing myself, i'd like to add photos etc showing kids with me having fun etc and photos of my accomodation disproving some blatent lies.

If that ok or a big no no? 

By adding photos you add two complications:

1) do you have the consent of everyone in the photos?
2) even if you do, will they add much when photocopied in black and white in a court bundle?

I would suggest bringing some photographs with you and asking the court to show them as evidence during the hearing.

A well developed schedule of activities for the time you are requesting is likely to be of more value than a few grainy black and white pictures.
I'm going to disagree with CFC (no disrespect) by way of my personal experience.

I was asked to provide a statement and did so enclosing photos and explaining there were videos too. When I gave evidence, I pointed out to her counsel that there were pictures to prove just how much thr kids had a good time. The judge interrupted to say in all her years she had neve seen a photo of children unhappy in a photo! Except when it came to her decision at the end of the day, she - unprompted - said, "Mr X takes the children to lots of nice places". So I had a little unexpected bonus of support from her.

So, include your photos, but not too many - I would include say a maximum of 4 - each of a different day. All family hearings are in private, you are not publishing these photos and it would be an issue if you were and had accidentally photographed someone, but really data protection is a minor to non-issue in this setting.

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