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Breaking my court order - children being smacked.
It's illegal in Scotland, but assaulting your own children to make them do what you want them to isn't banned in the rest of the UK yet.
This isn't 'their own child' this is his ex's new partner. This man has no right to slap these children. As far as I am aware its common assault unless they are married or in a formal partnership of some description?

Following all the advice here is sage wisdom. How the hell people manage to avoid getting violent I don't know....
Good point Mr Sandman. Proving it is difficult. Even if it leaves a mark. Best option is someone hear the children say this is happening. I personally am with the camp that thinks one smack is too much - and can lead to regular physical hitting as the norm and too hard. Nasty topic but when I had concerns I read on an anti smacking campaign that the law really should be changed because the leaving a mark thing just leads people to smacking them round the head where it doesnt leave a mark - and is very dangerous. Have had sleepless nights over it. Social services ignored recent report.
Some of the advice on this thread is wide if the mark.

If you believe your child has been smacked (physically abused) you are well within your legal rights to keep the child with you and stop contact in order to safeguard them. The Court Order is irrelevant.
Got anything to back that up? 'Cos we'd all like to agree with you

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