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Clothing issues
Now I know this may be a trivial matter compared to most. But it has become tedious the last few weeks.

When my daughter is dropped off by my ex. Without fail she does not have any shoes or socks.

Every time I am stuck going to buy her new shoes so I can take my daughter out and bond with her.and each time my ex picks her up she has some excuse why she needs the shoes. Or why the other shoes haven't been brought back.

It come to 5 pairs of shoes In as many weeks which is becoming absurd. Is there anything I can do to stop this? My ex will not listen to me and quite frankly doesn't give a toss about our daughters wellbeing. She's only interesting in spiting me. It's not so much the finance side of it but more that my daughter is suffering, as well as it's disrupting our plans because I have to go out of the way and get her yet another pair of shoes !

Any advice ? Or am I just being petty about all of this ?
If she is dropping your daughter off with no shoes that is wrong. you cant be having to go to shop every time to get new ones.
If your ex won't co-operate sensibly, then keep your own supplies of everything your daughter needs when she is with you and don't share them. When you hand your daughter back, just take her shoes off first and keep them with you until her next visit.
That seems to be the route Ill have to take. Though no doubt I'll be made out as the bad person for making my daughter 'shoeless'
Just respond by pointing out to your ex that she shouldn't have any problem finding shoes for your daughter to put on when you give her back, as you know she has at least 5 pairs knocking around somewhere in her house!
Find the cheapest pair of shoes/sandals in Tesco or Asda, some you can get for £5. Buy 15 pairs and send her in a pair every time, ex will get the message when she is buried on cheap shoes.

My ex has recently been keeping all the good dresses I buy and sending her back in tat, Im owed a few hundred pounds in clothes back now.
Nothing trivial really - it gets expensive - same issue here. When you say she sends her without shoes - presumably she is wearing some when she arrives? Or barefoot?! I have a couple of pairs here - trainers and wellies. Due to similar issues have two pairs of trainers. What happens here is he arrives in shoes that are far too small - so I replace them - and don't see them again - so still need two pairs here. A pair of wellies is cheap!

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