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breach of court order/human rights
hello all, 

    I am currently waiting to attend my 4th court hearing with no end in sight. my solicitor wants another £900 before i attend court which i cant afford. I am thinking of attending without her. 
let me give you a bit of background. My ex and i separated over 3 years ago and we have 3 beautiful children together. when we split i moved back with my parents (im 33!) and i had the children every weekend and every wednesday night. I met a woman and eventually after much deliberation introduced her to my children. They all loved her and she was wonderful with them all. My middle boy who was 8 at the time made an enormous attachment to her. he wanted to be with her all the time which also exaggerated his anger and violence. He would become very jealous and loose his temper throwing anything he could get hold of or kicking anyone near him or assaulting anyone near him including my partner. My eldest also has some issues and he has assaulted both me and my partner. In the beginning my partner had a good relationship with my ex. They shared contact number and would text. My partner was helping my ex find a job and they would arrange pick ups and drop offs between each other when i was at work. 
'We asked my ex for help and the school. the school suggested counselling and put both my boys on a waiting list and my ex simply said it was my problem to deal with. 
things came to a head on NYE last year when my middle boy lost his temper because my partner wouldnt go to bed with him (she was desperate for e glass of wine, we had the children  for all but two nights over christmas!). My son became violent and nearly kicked me down the stairs and then began punching and kicking my partner. 
My partner decided to take my son out of the house and into her car and in an act of desperation took him to our local police station where she knew he would be safe and we could get help (she is a police officer and the local station does not have a custody suite) 
The next day my partner informed my ex what had happened and that there was a referral made to social services and that my middle son had disclosed that 'mammy and daddy hit him' which would be investigated. 
My ex was angry (which is reasonable) however this ended in her assaulting my partner by putting her hand round her neck and shoving her twice in front of our children. 
she stopped the children from seeing me and we attended court initially in February after i made an application. 
The arrangement order has in my opinion been a joke and currently I have the children on a Friday from 4.30pm until Sunday at 3pm (this is every other weekened) and on a Tuesday for tea. In the order it states that my partner will not be present and my ex has stated in court that she does not want her anywhere near our children. 
My youngest two have both expressed that they want to see her and the arrangements have even allowed for this but with my exs permission, this she has never allowed. 
my eldest had been receiving counselling and has made alarming comments about wanting to harm my partner. it has been agreed that my partner posses no safeguarding risks to my children. the last court hearing stated the above contact times and an additional Thursday evening where my partner would be present and the children could choose to come if they wanted. my Ex has refused this contact stating she didnt agree to this in court. it was at this time the CAFFCAS worker was also appointed a legal guardian...... something my ex hates but ill be honest i am all to happy with as i cant get anywhere as where ever i look for help and information all the agencies state they need consent from my ex.... even though we both have legal guardianship
so back to the now. we are due to attend court next week, i cant afford the solicitor. the CAFCASS worker now has her own solicitor to assist with the best interests of the children. 
does anyone have any helpful advice or has anyone been through something similar?
I didnt think the court could impose an order which made my partner leave her home if she wasnt a risk to the children. 
any help or advice or guidance would be appreciated so much.
Yes sounds like you need your solicitor to attend i am afraid. Looks a right mess for family court to deal with. good luck hope all works out well

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