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Divorcing is not easy
What's the dad's chances of gaining parental responsibility. From day one up until now(4years) my daughter has been closer to me growing up. Although I work from 8 till 5 weekdays, I still dressed her most morning and gave breakfast etc and then in evening ex would go out 3 nights exercising etc to escape the house. I did all bed times bar a few over the years.
Now ex cheated on me which I cannot forgive. Even though she wanted out before I was not happy letting it all go and we carried on working on it. Now I can never trust her again and need to divorce. I am worried that my working hours will hinder my chances even though I have really good support from family.
Ex suffers with depression and anxiety and is like living with Jekyll and Hyde ATM.
Ex now want 7 grand to move out into a rental with more costs than current house whilst we sell up. She earn no money and says she will get more benefits than I earn probably(30k) and I'm worried that I'll get rinsed when divorce comes through to finances if she already moved out.
ATM she want to split care of daughter 2 night one week for me then Tuesday/we'd night/Fri night sat day sat night and back Sunday evening.
Sorry for babbling but I'm struggling this week with her coming at me.
On top of this I have to deal with her new relationship and his contact with my daughter, even having him round when I'm at work.
Sat in a car park now waiting for her to tell me he has left house so I can go home.

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