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2 court hearings on the same day!
Anyone had this happen to them before. I haven't heard anything for months re the divorce, when I get the decree nisi through as well as a date for the court hearing, where I was planning on discussing how I was not willing to pay the costs as everything my wife put in her petition I could prove was lies. I  sent the paperwork back stating that I did not agree with paying the costs, intending to attend court on the day.

A few weeks back I received child hearing papers, which were on exactly the same day, but at another court 40 miles away. The divorce court would not change the date as I had already sent the paperwork back, so I elected to attend the child court hearing, which I did.

The divorce costs were awarded against me as a result, but I've got a very sneaky feeling that her solicitor has changed one of the court dates so that they clashed; I had told her solicitor that I intended on challenging paying the costs, her solicitor then attended the divorce hearing, while another one attended the child hearing with my wife.

I'm going to contact both courts to see if I can find out, but has anyone had this situation before, as surely if the solicitor deliberately changed one of the dates so that I could not attend, that's got to be some sort of abuse of process.

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