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Cafcass making bizarre requests.
My partner is going back to court this week after a final hearing in May which was 3 days a week, overnight every other week, to be increased by parents. Sensible arrangements to be made for mothers day, fathers day, Christmas, birthday and holidays.

She has breached this order by denying contact on fathers day, and taking the child on holiday without discussion or offer to compromise on contact arrangements (4 days contact missed). She also continues to behave badly with police involvement against her.

The cafcass call came on Friday in which he essentially repeated word for word what his ex said and tried to pressure my partner to agree to it. In short it was ridiculous!

Officer told my partner that she did not break the order because she has a right to take child away for up to 28 days. Partner reminded him that this may be true, but not when it interferes in court ordered contact time. Cafcass officer had no response. This was the line used by his ex when he tried to have a discussion about it. Suggests to me the cafcass officer isn't aware of the law?

He also tried to get my partner to agree to having his daughter on a split Christmas day, with him picking her up at 2pm. Meaning she always wakes up with her mum on Christmas day. He put loads of pressure on to get him to agree to this stating her sibling lived with mum and it wasn't fair to split them up on christmas morning. My partner wants alternate year Christmas eve/day so his daughter isn't taken away from her presents soon after opening them, being rushed through opening/dinner etc . Being driven 45 mins in the middle of Christmas day.

There were other equally stupid demands put on him and pressure put on to agree to things, of which he did not.

In short, wtf?! This is not standard procedure surely?!
An ex partner going on holiday for a week isn't really grounds to take her to court for breach of order. Remember 99% of the time its a telling off and contact resumes as normal after . As soon as you kick up a major fuss things become more hostile and you run the risk of no contact. you are allowed up to 28 days away if your the mum. Christmas morning with mum sounds reasonable as you would be getting your child later in day and will still enjoy Christmas and a stay over , then there would be no rush for xmas presents to be opened and you could still have a xmas dinner or maybe ask ex partner if u could do your daughter dinner. if there is another sibling then even more good reason for daughter to wake up xmas morning at mums.
Caffcass job is to see both sides potentially of argument. many mums refuse any kind of xmas day contact.

However caffcass or the courts may need to put his ex partner on a SPIP course. If she is to take a holiday the decent thing for her to do is to let you know about 3/4 weeks before that shes going on holiday and where. Also to try and not book holiday so it stops your overnight stay and any days lost should be replaced so no time is lost. Father days she should be reminded that daughter should see his father just like if mothers day was on his contact day she would probs want to see her daughter. Christmas is a good idea its split in my opinion and his ex probably not agreed to it , but its probably something caffcass suggested so likely if u agree something you will get.

I would get the Christmas bit , holiday bit given notice and sharing special days put in order and ask for every other weekend. Maybe if any disagreements mediation must be done before returning to court.

You need caffcass on side so you will see them in court next week, that will be your chance to be child focused but also state your concerns.

what were the other ridiculous demands out of interest and some people on here will let you know if they are or not. there are a lot of things that would be deemed ridiculous .
I have been through all this myself what you said above. holidays taken at ex s leisure 4 in a year. no shows at xmas ..last 4 years
So the initial court order was for 3 days 10-6pm. Week 1 weds Thurs fri. Week 2 initially weds Fri sun to become Fri Sat sun once overnights taken place on sat night. So it should be 10am-6pm Fri, 10am sat - 6pm sun. This isn't explicit in the court order, but what was agreed at court because mum wanted a full weekend for herself (previously he had 1 day each weekend). The court order states overnights to be increased between parents.

So he already has more than the 'standard' every other weekend, and a day in the week. He wants shared care and is able to do it. He will keep going back until shared care is granted. She is 2 in January. He certainly doesn't want a reduction in contact.

As for Christmas, a child has the right to enjoy the traditions of both families over Christmas. Why should dad and daughter miss out on what is a special time in life, by giving up every single christmas morning? If the child has a sibling at dad's, why should they not get to share every other Christmas? I'm afraid I can not agree with the idea that dad only ever getting Christmas afternoon is acceptable because mum chose to have 2 kids to 2 dads.
You are already getting a lot of contact for a child that is under 2. a lot more than most people. You are sharing Christmas its just ex partner will have daughter in the morning and dad will have daughter afternoon through to boxing day. logically that would be the right thing to do. court orders also work better if its every other weekend rather than 1 overnight every weekend.
I am myself have had all these issues to deal with and many more.

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