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False complaint and asking for 100% share of money
Hi Guys,

This is my first post here so don't know rules i need urgent help and advice how to deal with really worst person i came across.

We are married 15 years in 2003 and have 2 kids aged 5 and 9. Recently sold the property and want to purchase new one however in between this process she made false allegation and she want to separate with 100% of deposit for next purchase. she is asking me to give me 50% of my share in savings and 50% as security for kids maintenance.

Can anyone help how finances are split in uk as i came to uk in 2003 and now a citizen of uk. i have married abroad so i have the choice to go for divorce here or abroad.

Is there any benefit for filing for divorce from my side first. Also how soon I can be free from thsi toxic relationship as she is not giving me access to my own kids as she wants all my money before we can start talking. or else she will file false complaint against me. She is abroad at the moment without my wish and taken kids with her and living with her parents.

can anyone help what would be my next step and how do i need to start thinking of splitting finances please.sorry about my English and grammar as English is my third language and i have this as biggest stress in my life.
Your immediate concern should be getting your children back in to this country. If it is without your consent and you have no notice on when she is returning, it is international child abduction and you should contact the police asap.

Given she has done this, you will have a strong case for primary custody of the children on the grounds that she cannot be trusted to allow you reasonable access or to take them abroad without your consent again. You might want to consider this.

The grounds of divorce will not prejudice the financial settlement, so it should not matter who files for divorce and why.

Starting point is 50:50 split of finances, but can go in favour of parent who has primary custody based on needs of the children. If you were to win primary custody, it could go in your favour.

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