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Representing myself in family court
Hello guys,

First post here! Nice to know I'm not the only one who had a child with a complete psycho.

Anyway, without going into it all, I have a court hearing tomorrow to finalise a new order which is just a shift in the days I have my son. Share 50/50 with his mum. New order is to be seven nights consecutively at each house. My son, 11, is happy with this as he's just started secondary school meaning this routine will allow him to have all of his school books at one house for the week. Less chance of forgetting something.

I'm not concerned about the hearing. The only issue is, that his mother wants it to run from Sunday to Sunday and I have proposed Monday to Monday. I have a file of document that's thicker than a newly purchased, 500 sheet ream of paper, stuffed full of solicitor letters, court letters, orders etc etc. Anyway, needless to say, part of this is due to some serious conflict between myself and my ex. It has been pretty nasty and there have been a series of false allegations over the years and it's been so bad, that any contact is through her partner. I have no direct contact with her anymore; which is amazing. 

So, anyway, the order of 7 nights is fine. But his mother wants it to run from Sunday at 5pm. I would collect from hers one week, following week she would collect. I'm not happy, given the previous conflict, allegations, problems etc. I have proposed it be Monday; I drop off at school and mother collects. Following week this would be the reverse.

Given that there has been so much conflict, can anybody see the judge deciding that the Sunday is the better option? I'm representing myself. I've used solicitors before and, although I have had some brilliant help, I think that a minor details like this can be resolved with common sense and not a cheque book. Has anybody represented themselves in a similar situation? If so, any tips? I have plenty of documents I've put together including a draft schedule, position statement and series of evidence to prove the previous conflict.

Any help is really appreciated gents. Also, I hope to become a frequent user of this site!
If there is hostility and conflict then you should get monday to monday instead of sunday to sunday. Its in the best interests of the children that they wont witness any hostility and by having monday to monday there is no need during school term for there to be any disruption by picking up from school monday pm when its my week and dropping off monday morning when its ex partners turn. due to past history and fact you still dont get on i cant see this been refused
What reasons has she given for wanting Sunday to Sunday?
I wouldnt even ask for reasons. could be something as simple as every sunday she can unleash verbal tirades and cause trouble lol
I also had a lot of conflict. I also only pick up and drop off at school. Court we’re happy with this and it makes my life and the kids much easier
courts love it when u say things like to avoid hostility. not many people un-represented think of it. its a perfect solution especially when they say u are obsessed with them and your paperwork says to avoid hostility and not wanting to even see them haha

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