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Separation Agreement
Hi All,

I am looking to get a separation agreement drawn up. I saw a solicitor the other day who advised it would be between £1500 - £2000.

Surely it doesn't need to cost that much? 

Is anyone aware whether I could draw one up between myself and my ex and just get witnesses to sign? Would this be as good as getting one done by a solicitor?

I obviously want it done as cheap as possible but on the flip side i need it to be done properly in case i ever need it should she turn.
It really depends on what is involved before you consider to do one yourself or not. if you dont own a house and its a straightforward split could do it yourself i guess
There is a house involved. It will be split 50/50.

Definitely need a separation agreement but £2k seems excessive
Google "Fixed Fee Separation Agreement"

Others will have to recommend which ones are best.
as long as your ex is happy to split 50/50 i am sure you could just both arrange something together. guess it will cost money either way.
I did mine through divorce lawyers online or some similar company, I think it was £200 or so.

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