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Interim financial order ?
Hello again dads

Bit of background, I and ex separated 5 months ago, and since then I have been paying rent and utility bills and nanny too ! In the last month she wanted children maintenance on the top of all the stuff that I was already paying, so in the end I and her both contacted CMS which I believed will sort my wife out, and I believe they tried to.

Now ex has gone to solicitor asking for me to settle finance matters else put a word that they might ask for interim maintenance order.

Wife works full time, 30 K per annum, I pay children maintenance. She claims she is under financial difficulty, god knows how as for the whole duration we have been together I have paid for all expenses A-Z.
Sure she has repaid all her mortgage abroad during the time we were together and perhaps that is how she dont lot of money in her account now.

But question is, how likely court will order me to pay interim while divorce proceedings are going thru. Also if suppose if I end up paying during interim, would that be taken into account during the final financial settlement ?


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