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step children taken by child services
so i have been in a new relationship for around a year now, my partner has two beautiful girls age 2 and 5. we are a very loving family and i have treated them like my own and put in 100 percent with them, i communicate with there school, get involved with meetings, if nobody new, they would even suggest i am the farther. they do not see there real farther. although there has been little contact in the past. so the youngest recently got a bruise, i will refer to the youngest as dd;. on the back of her ear, and the school involved social services. they came to school to speak, insisted that she be driven up to the hospital asap and be checked over, they took dd and her mum up, where she was checked over. the peaditrition suggested this was done deliberately and was unexplained.  both children were not aloud back home and have been sent to live with my partners mum. this is only a extremely small bruise and could have been caused a number of different ways. the school sometimes fail to disclose to us if they have had a accident at school, which they should. we have explained everything what dd is like, often shes clumsy, she plays in her room with her sister, and she could of done this at school. but they are having none of it. i think we have been stuck with a horrible social worker who in my opinion is acting like dd has been found beaten up with bruises everywhere. this is not the case. unfortunately. some years ago i was falsely accused of hitting a child by a ex partner, i was never charged and it never went to court. it was all dropped. it looks like this has stayed on my record as social will allow me no contact whatsoever, which is of-course is breaking my heart. she will not communicate with me, shes leaving me out of everything and suggesting to my partner that i am horrible and should leave me after telling her about my false accusations.. she failed  to mention to her that it was all dropped, just made sure she new about the arrest.  i have no no clue what to do. do i get legal aid, do i send complaints. what are my rights. is she being unfair to a point were it is breaching my human rights. how do i get this allegation deleted or changed. all this has been going trough my head during many sleepless nights, aswell as loosing my two beautiful stepchildren.   Huh Huh Huh

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