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Hey Guys any opinion be a help

i'm going to keep this really short and basic, I am having a massive situation at the moment with a ex partner of mine who is now 22 weeks pregnant with our daughter, we are not on talking term and i just want to be prepared for the worse case scenario that she may not put my-self on the birth certificate so i have no parental responsibility or right's, i have already been buying clothes for my baby daughter as i still want to provide no matter what i have also made a Bank account under her name in my own personal account incase, i have also already gave her £1000 CASH that i have no proof of apart from 1 email and texts that i have given it, but she will not send any pictures of what she has brought with the money as i don't want to double buy, i have my self been a nightmare after the break up because of my high emotions... but she has not been perfect either, she is coming across like a control freak over this baby and i have 0 say over any thing and i don't want her to think she can control everything and everyone, i already have a son of 6 with a different girl who is more than happy to give a letter to the court to tell them about me as a father and i have never let my son or her down with maintenance or attention to my son as i have him EVERY WEEKEND without fail, 

Please can i have information about what i should do and expect as its all new to me and dont no nothing, just want my little girl to no who her daddy is, 
and tried everything thing possible by the law.

Thanks for your time


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