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W0w this is a crazy situation.
Hi all

I have been struggling lately i suffer from anxiety, depression and a little psychosis, and had a accident
about 2009, i had a fall and nearly crippled myself,I had an operation which did work for a few months 
and i was able to get out and about, but the pain really took hold i had lost my job, my mobility and felt
i was starting to lose everything, and was put on some very strong meds even now they have put me on
oxycodone im tired of feeling down and depressed and in pain, i have tried very hard to keep a lid on things
between me and my girlfriend but this past year has been the worst.

I used to go fishing to get some exercise and  i have never really trusted anyone in life, especially since my
accident which ended up in court and my brother died at a very young age around 2009 i do not want to put
the real date inase my GF is searching the web, now getting back to the trust problem, me and my girlfriend 
have been together for 18yrs if not longer we met very young a lad i knew was using her, he was much older
so i stepped in and told him too f@@k off, and i did not get with my GF straight away i enjoyed spending 
time with her but we had many ups and downs on her side i have never done anything wrong with regards to
cheating, but when i used to go fishing i would leave a dictaphone recording for my own peace of mind, but after
checking it over and over again i must have 66/gbs of recorded data while i was out,  i named the files of the date
incase i need to check them over bearing in mind this is from 2009 its nearly 9 years ago, i decided at the time nothing
in the recordings made sense and it was just me.

I have since purchased a much better set of head phones and better laptop, the recordings are perfect and i decided to
get them out a few weeks ago and go through them all, and i bet you can guess what my GF has been upto while
i was out, there is an old saying give some one enough rope to hang themselves and they will. and this is what i done.

The recordings are clear as day and highlight what my EX GF was upto the whole time, not going into pacifics but it
sounds like she cheated on me every time i was out..Now i have put myself in this situation im shocked when reviewing
all the recordings that she was in fact doing a lot of things behind my back so i have decided to end the relationship.

I have two kids to my EX i do not know where to start to find a house im just sick of being hurt all the time by people.
and feel very low atm, im trying my best not to lose my temper as i do have anger issues but never laid a hand on
my GF ever she would probably stab me Big Grin..

Was i wrong to record her was i wrong to review the evidence after such a long time, i needed to know as i wanted to
marry her, but looks like this is off the cards. i did ask her loads of times if anything was wrong or if she wanted to tell
me anything. she said i was paranoid and to shut up making me feel like i was in the wrong, still to this day she does
not know she was recorded every time i left my home..

Now i have no idea how all my benefits will work out as im disabled due to my accident..This is where she has got
me she is good at manipulating people. I really need to make sure that this evidence is clear enough and should 
i just tell her about me recording her and provide the evidence and see what she says or just move on with my 
life, im tired of all the trouble its causing every one involved the kids included..

Any advice would be great..This might sound like a crazy story but man im gutted  Angry Confused im tired of being in pain
and trusting people, i find because im a nice person and treat people how i would like to be treated this some times
opens the door for people to think they can abuse my trust and let me down.

I could understand if i had cheated or done something to make her want revenge but i have tried my best, i know
i have had my own ups and downs due to the meds and pain and she has been there for me, but i feel i can't stay
with someone i cant trust..I have had a bad upbringing and done everything in my power to make myself a better

Was i in the wrong to record her ? sometimes i feel i should not have and i would have never found out i feel
she is weak and easily led, i've seen the change in her and myself since we got together she lied a lot when we
first got together and was found out to have lied over and over again.
well its pretty messed up that you felt you had to record her to find out if she was doing the dirty....

but i guess your suspicions were correct if you heard her cheating....

not meaning to pry but did the recordings actually reveal that a bloke was coming round to the house or what?

its not healthy for anyone to be in a situation like this....if she definitely is cheating then pull the plug....but take care of your kids...

and don't put yourself in a situation where you have to do shit like this again...

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