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Asking the judge to make a ruling that the allegations are false
Has anyone done this before, I was just reading this blog. 

As I am self representing I have been reading items

It suggests you can request a judge to make a ruling that the allegations are false but it's more high risk. 
I'm wondering if anyone else has tried this and does it make a difference anyway even if he ruled in my favour?  

What my ex has submit is very weak and her 3 week window to submit evidence has now lapsed and I have received nothing further past what she has already submitted. Her one police report was found not have have reached any threshold of intervention, no witness statements allude to anyone actually seeing any abuse take place and I have a written email from ex to my solicitor specifying that she was confused why I was applying to court and saw it as wasting court time and didn't understand why I refused her offer to return to the family home alone.
What would you gain? There is no evidence other than her word, it will be disregarded.
I don't know to be honest. In my naive mind there must be some sort of blow back in making false allegations in the first place that the courts would want to uphold and enforce, no?
If there were, all our ex's would be in nick mate - so no, sorry, but there isn't.
I'm not suggesting prison but nothing at all?

It suggests on the order if you don't comply you can be made to do unpaid work or pay financial compensation.
Can I at least request her to be billed for this enormous waste of time when we can't even be bothered to submit her own evidence?
nothing in either my experience or my research here and elsewhere suggests so - no.

She has no evidence, forget about it. People talk shit basically.
agree with above . exs do what they want which is make up false allegations , alienate children against parents. family courts dont do nothing other than restore your access and tell u to go through mediation if it breaks down, but if u react in anyway to these horrible lies or even moan at ex expect supervised , police visits and all sorts

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