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Advice on interim order and lack of evidence
NGood morning all, quick brief one, ex allegation shows one allegation of assault which she has no evidence or police reports for,doctors ketter says no signs of concern with domestic abuse.

Now at the next hearing they need to decide wether a finding of fact is needed, can someone answer, will the person doing the case see any evidence before listing that?

Also I was in contact with my children up to two years after the alleged incident.

Regarding an interim order let’s say supervised, a solictor did say this would be unlikely until an outcome if proven or not and would have to wait 3-6 months for the next hearing,how can they Denie access when she admits I am a dedicted father however she has no proof of abuse

And to top it off first hearing she never went in just her solictor and blamed it on her autism, if she doesn’t go into the next one surely that’s another reason to not go towards a fact of finding

Can’t the legal advisor in the directions hearing state this is likely to get thrown out or disproven as you have no evidence 

Thanks guys

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