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URGENT HELP-missed court date

I have just received a court order asking me to attend court yesterday on 17th September, which i was not aware of. They said at court that for this NMO charge i should provide police records within 14 days, which would have taken me to the 11th September. I was also aware there was a section 7 ordered but was not aware there was a court date given at FHRDA for fact finding charge. I even emailed the court 2 days ago asking for court order for clarification as it has been 3 weeks since i attended

What should i do? things are going so well but i was not aware of this? i am scared i will be found guilty although i have all the evidence. Is it possible they gave a date in court order but not at court and it has passed already?

Can anyone please advise what i should do immediately.


the date the court order was issued was yesterday which was the same day as NMO court date. I was not even made aware at FHDRA-this is so unfair

Its okay, they sent me an order with no date of court date but just saying the judge ordered yesterday they will have a one day hearing at a date in the future..another tree dies for a complete waste of time. I am like a springed coil on edge scared of making any mistakes.
Dont worry bud. We here to help

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