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Need some help
I am being hit by a wall of silence, the Ex refuses to communicate, but now also her solicitors is refusing to reply. 

My life is being held to ransom by this silence. She has stolen one of our companies, she has alienated my kids. 

She has consensual Non-Molsestation orders against me, i should never of agreed too, allowing only emails,  so I am quite helpless. 

I am so feed up by the months of inaction. 

What can i do? 

I now self representing as It was costing a fortune and getting no-where.
they are achieving what they are trying to do. solicitors are clever. they want to frustrate you, make you go mad, kick off go crazy..lose it , u name it thats what they want. Dont now is the time to come here and get some sound advice and not rise to them. they are winning at moment , but by changing the way you think and being child focused you will win in long run.

1st thing to do is as hard as it seems patiently wait for court appearances, dont email/contact ex whatsoever or her solicitor.
It does take a long time, but its the only way to remain calm however unfair it seems. theres people on here that have experienced similar or worse, ex partners are capable of anything .

what you could do is update your position so people can help, are u actually in family court, have u done mediation yet etc and ages of children would help so you get the right advice

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