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Thinking of Representing Self at Final Hearing
I have my final hearing at the family court in a few weeks time. Was going to take a barrister but my solicitor has just quoted me £2,000 for the day.

The items to be covered by the court order are as follows:

Christmas access arrangements.
Overnight stay on Thursday night (before the weekend they are not with me)
Overnight stay on a Tuesday night (after the weekend they are not with me)

I see my kids every other weekend from Friday afternoon to Sunday night. I also see them from 5pm to 8pm on the Tuesday at the moment.

Went to mediation, agreed some of the above points, then my solicitor wrote to ex's solicitor to confirm and she has completely changed from the agreement. So going to have to go to court for a full hearing rather than to get the court order signed.

I just can't justify spending £2,000 on a barrister. Just about to start financial process so saving the money for that (and the fact that my business is in serious trouble and I may not be getting paid from next month).

Starting to feel like it is going to come down to who can throw the most money at it will get the decision they want. And feel like using that as the opening line to the judge.
No dont get a barrister. this is why? You are at a final hearing and with some help on here you should be able to get what you want and a little research yourself. I think you will struggle to get overnights during week but worth a go. i would try for the one before your weekend overnights ( tuesday one ) commence. christmas contact you will definitely get . i am getting 3pm xmas day until boxing day, ex partner has the christmas eve and children waking up to their stocking. there isnt really much a barrister can do to the tune of £2000 as you got a lot of access already in place. your ex will probably already agree xmas bits but will fight hard to stop midweek overnight contact i am guessing. if things are very hostile you could change fri pick up from school - monday drop off at school.

Is contact 5pm tuesday and friday due to work commitments and being unable to get to school? you might get one of the two overnights if you fight hard for it, if it goes to judges decision they try to please both parties. christmas arrangements i would imagine be sorted out fairly quickly
Thanks, had a chat with my girlfriend last night and I think it is a case of choosing your battles.

Definitely going to represent myself.

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