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End in Sight
Big Grin 
Hello everyone, 

Just to update you guys. I have been through two hearings at court. 1st hearing mom and her solicitor was kicked by the judge and asked them if they can allow me to see my son. Mom disagreed so I did not see my son for 9 months. I was only allowed to have postal contact with my son and I was regularly sending him gifts and receiving some as well. As usual, Caffcass did not do a telephone interview before 1st hearing so they decided to do section 7 report after the 1st hearing. Caffcass is the worst thing I have ever seen in my life. They put the worst things in section 7 report and did not recommend to proceed any further contact except postal contact. 
I was depressed and broken as I was without my son for 9 months. 

I was not expecting any miracle in a second hearing. However, the judge (not the same one) was damn fantastic. She smashed into her solicitor and the mother. She told them off and screwed her solicitor very badly. She clearly said to the solicitor that Father is suffering for 9 months and you still want to go for a fact-finding hearing. She said she went through lots of fact-finding hearing and they found nothing in those cases. I will not let this father suffer without his son. The judge asked her solicitor to consult with mother and check what sort of access she gets agreed to. The judge clearly said, if you do not give permission, I will give permission cause this is not right. 

She threw away section 7 report and told her solicitor that this is a time wasting procedure and she is not going to accept any of it. The judge got words from the mother that I will get access for every weekend and plus a telephone call from my son. After that, she told me that I am not supposed to go for any DV course (recommended by her solicitor and the mother). The judge said I can go to GP and ask for a recommendation for the anger management course. I confirmed with the judge and the judge made it clear that it is not for something you have been accused of. This is something you do as a gesture of goodwill. It should not be a 3 weeks course. It can be an online or 1-hour course. 

I was very thankful to the judge and she knew I was going through hell. The funny part is, whilst we were leaving the room, the judge told mother, don't waste time and money after these lawyers they are there to make money and not for your problems. I was like just wow. I believe miracle happens. I am looking into filing divorce now. I welcome any advise on it. This website has been very helpful and learned a lot about this. Hang on guys you will get to see your kids and that is what you concentrate after. 

Congratulations, and well done for hanging on in there for your boy! I remember reading your earlier posts, and I know you were convinced that your own situation was dire and possibly hopeless. A quick flick back through your earlier posts and I can see that you’ve said that there was a statement made against you with 76 points/allegations! 

It’s good to hear that you had a good experience with your Final Hearing in the Family Court and, hopefully, your outcome will provide some reassurance to others who are at the beginning of the process.

Best wishes for the future.

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