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Ordered to give medical records to other side's solicitors
Hi all

Just a query I have I was wondering if anyone knew of the answer (or what I should do)

I've been ordered in the FDRHA to provide my medical records (in relation to my mental health) to my ex's solicitor.

This relates to a period when I had suicidal thoughts after being put at risk of redundancy in November 2017. I was referred to a mental health trust for an assessment, but no further action was recommended as I came across very well and child-focused in the assessment and didn't meet the threshold for secondary care. I've had no issues since then. In fact, leaving the horrible b**** has actually improved my mental health! 

My ex is kindly using that episode as a stick to beat me with, and the court have requested I pass across my records to her solicitor. I have copies of the initial assessment and referral notes, do I share that or do I need more?

I haven't seen my doctor about this since Nov 2017 as frankly I haven't felt like I've needed to.
I was asked to produce a letter from my doctor to confirm my mental state (my ex accused me of having suicidal thoughts) GP drafted a quick letter and I provided copies of any referral letters I had for counseling (as I was the victim of DV).

What does the court order say? If it's asking for your medical records then I think you'll need to get a copy from the GP, in my case it was just the general summary the GP sees on his screen when you go to see them.

This is just my experience obviously so if in doubt check with your solicitor or the court for clarification
Court order says:

"By 4.00pm on 4th October 2018 both parties must obtain and disclose to each other his or her GP and any relevant hospital records – relevant to the issue of the parties mental health."

Go to the GP and tell them how amazing you're feeling.

Then ask for a letter stating you mental health a week later Smile
Yeah got a GP appt on Weds 3rd - where I will be euphoric. Will explain the background and how low I was last year, but then how great I am now and how much I love my daughter!

Reading the wording - that will probably suffice?

Luckily the GP can provide the notes on the same she (and her solicitor) can stick that in their pipe and smoke it
you will be fine courts just want a copy of gp report. there is nothing to worry about , just your ex delaying you seeing your daughter. if they had no issues with you at the time nor will family courts, she is just delaying the inevitable and that is regular contact with your daughter
GPs do not like having to comply with these type of orders. The BMA guidance is that they should release "minimum possible" detail to deal with "the question at hand".

I had a similar order, my GP phoned me up as she was writing the letter and she basically asked me what I wanted in the letter. There was only one line she said she had to include. She was really understanding, basically asked me what I was being accused of and she wrote a huge rebuttal to it going into three pages it was amazing.
Yeah I had a whole ream of reports etc from when I was put at risk of redundancy back end of last year and had some suicidal thoughts, as felt my whole world was crashing down around me. We were still together at the time. Horrible cow then made an emergency referral for me to some mental health service. Worst thing I ever did was tell her how I was feeling. Never knew she'd try using that against me! Sad She can swivel if she thinks I'm giving her those reports (although I do come out of them looking pretty good).

No, she can have what I choose to give her. Which will be a glowing GP report.

The woman has had mental illness most of her adult life, I bet she has enough reports to fill a whole library. But I bet I won't get to see much of that.
ignore your ex. gp reports wont do anything to help her whatsoever. delay tactics to prolong things , anyway to push your buttons
do you have mental health???? is the gp monitoring your wellbeing with tablets or therapy.

eg are you a danger to yourself or the children

the order says "both parties must obtain...... and disclose to each other his or her GP"
will she disclose if she has suffered low mood..

just get your g.p to disclose that you are fine with no history and file at court.. cafcass has the right to find out but they need your permission to access records.…./(police)

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