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Last night I finally unpacked my last boxes (books, come look)
It's been a long time coming, but my house is finally like a home again Smile

Keep it up guys! however far along the path you are, it will be ok in the end. Nothing stays the same.

[Image: GPTemp_Download.jpg]
Nice bookcases! I'm scared to get something like that wall mounted incase - with my DIY skills - it falls down or is so slanted all the books slip off!

I've just been to Tottenham ikea and got myself a 4x4 kallax unit - should just about be able to floor mount it and stick a screw in the wall each side, lol
Ah I know where my skills lie and it’s not in DIY!
Wow, look really lovely! You've got such a cozy place for books. Wish I could have something like this peace and energy source one time
Nice set up! . . .i'm looking forward to the day i can get my own place again and get set up like that . .

A lot of my stuff is still boxed up from the move to our 'matrimonial home'
I find myself strangely attracted to your original parquet flooring, looks good...

I need to man-cave my place a bit, its just like a trendy family home with all her shit removed at the moment.
That floor was a massive pain in the bum Smile

It's not original, nor wood. It's 4 years old and have underfloor heating and is made of Bamboo. It's hard AS HELL but easy to keep clean and surprisingly warm Smile

We pulled the entire ground floor of the house out, down to the foundations and gutted the walls back to brick at the same time. To say it was "a lot of work" is an understatement. Main reason I have not sold the place!

[Image: Screenshot_2018_10_10_at_13_51_06.png]

Bedroom :Smile also  100% new after she left. Shame it bankrupted me Smile
Looks good - very manly, grrrr....
So many people have said it’s really masculine! I don’t really see it myself but I do like the room a hell of a lot
Congratulations man, neat looking pad you have there :-)

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