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Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere.

CMS has recently worked with me to set a realistic monthly maintenance payment.

My understanding is that this should cover my contribution to feeding, housing and clothing my daughter. However since CMS have set the rate of maintenance, my ex no longer sends clothes for my daughter, and insists that I need to buy additional clothes now.

Should she be supplying same if I am paying maintenance as agreed by CMS?
You will need to buy clothes for the time they're with you. That's why you get a reduction in maintenance for the nights with you.
Things like school shoes and blazers should be paid for by her in my opinion.
I have similar arrangement with my ex. She sorts out all the school clothes and provides them for when they stay at mine although often i will buy school shoes. All other clothes etc for time at my house i have bought my own over the years so they have everything they need at mine
Just so you know - eBay is the best place for kids clothes not new. They out grow them so fast and bundles are pennies on line

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