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Does it work in reverse?
hi, I read lots of posts on this forum regarding ex wives claiming their husbands are violent and using that against the man as a means to get him removed from the house. How about if this was reversed?
what if the woman did something to the man? or to the kids?

Would the exact same process apply if it were the female?
Won't work... my ex hit the children, social workers and police involved, she was cautioned for child cruelty. She claimed domestic violence with no evidence, I claimed domestic violence and have voice recording of her when we discussed her threatining me with a knife. At every point they making allocations for her and even making excuses for her, but all the while I have to defend myself.

Simply the entire system is against you and everything "professionals" do is to get mother to "reform"... Everything is a man's fault.

Your best bet is to have concrete such as recordings and whatnot. That way "professionals" can not reverse anything using a broken system.

She did an nmo and at every step she was given the benefit of the doubt, multiple chances to provide and present her "evidence" all at great cost to me as I was paying a solicitor and barrister and she did not care as she was through legal aid. With all my evidence and her zero evidence the best I got was cross undertaking... .. don't give up... Just keep at it.
Wow - yet another injustice for the man and biased toward the female.

My wife is litteraly poised with her camera phone waiting for me to sneeze in the direction of the kids and then that's me gone out of her life.

This whole thing is crazy!

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