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Advise please
Hi new member here looking for some advise.
I have 5 children but the problem is with the younger 3.
I have had access to my 11 and 7 year old boys 1 day a week for the past 6 plus years without overnight stays.Never been a problem and it has worked lovely.
I recently had another child who is now 18 months old. I was seeing this boy 1 day a week with overnight stays. The arrangements for the youngest recently changed to once a fortnight with an overnight stay but it coincides with the day I have the other 2.
I have no problem having the 3 of them together but when I explained to my ex with the 2 boys she stopped access on the days I have the younger one which means the boys never meet. The was no reason apart from it wasn’t right.
Where do I stand on getting the previous arrangements put back in place so I can once again have the access which I always have had and so the 3 child can meet up.

Any help would be grateful
Thanks in advance
Might sound harsh but i probably would just have them seperate. you only actually have your 7/11 year olds 1 day a week and i guess they arent aware you also have a 18 month old as well.if you was having lots and lots of access it would of been inevitable that you would have all 3 at once. I can see kind of her point of view in that you only have them 1 day a week and she probably sees it that you should have your 18 month old on another day.

Where your 18 month old is so young probs best to change day to overnight stay when u havent got your 7 and 11 year old boys
The older boys are aware of the younger one but haven’t met as yet because of other problems. I can’t swap the days because of my shift work and the mothers work.
If I was to go down the mediation route would I be able to get the access back or am I fighting a losing battle?
It would be a losing battle going through mediation. Reason being is your ex dont agree with whats going on and i cant see her changing her mind . I dont think its a good idea they meet the younger one due to the hostility it would cause only because you only see them once a week anyway. if you had an arrangement where you had half of holidays , every other weekend , a day during week then yes i think things would be different.

If you went to family court after a load of hearings and been thousands out of pocket you would probably end up with all 3 together but thats a big if and could lead to court breaches after .

I guess if you did go to court and you got set times and dates for your other two after spending a lot of money. if your other ex is easy going you would be allowed to have your other child same time as other two. is the other ex ok though , will she be a nightmare later down line. its a real tricky one

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