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Child custody arrangements
Hi all,

I'm after a bit of advice.

My wife has recently told me she would like to separate and we are now in the process of divorcing. We have 2 children (4 and 7) and are currently working out custody arrangements.

The complexity is that up until now she hasn't been working and I provided everything financially (I have quite a reasonable salary). She has said that after we divorce she doesn't want to work but survive on benefits and child maintenance payments.

Ultimately, I want us both to be able to support the children in our respective homes. But what happens if she is unable to support the children financially?

I have worked out that with benefits, child maintenance and a part time job (she refuses to work but may have to), she would have an income of around £1600 per month but would then need to pay accommodation costs, bills etc.

It seems a little unfair to have to pay spousal maintenance when she refuses to work.



Im not 100 % sure but its unlikely you would be paying spousal maintenance .
You would however be liable for child maintenance regardless wether she works or not. The most important thing is
coming to agreement when you will be able to see your 2 children regular. Most cases its every other weekend , 1/2 holidays , special days shared or alternate and a day during week ( play + supper) or overnight stay drop off at school.
Contact would be based on your availablity ie round your work schedule and when you are free and normally set dates and times
As both your kids are at school age, she will be expected to work. A mediator or solicitor should tell her this. Any spousal maintenance would be netted off universal credit if that's what she's eligible for.
As stated many times on here if you move out without a binding agreement, she could stay in your house for months at your expense.

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