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Women get bored of sex, stability and the same thing day in, day out than men science
I saw the piece in the Guardian and two things spring to mind, firstly, this isn't new, many of us here know it is the woman who strays, this isn't news, even as science. The second is that this is the most ridiculous virtue signalling from the G, it wholeheartedly tries to forgive in advance and legitimise the woman 'stepping out' of the marriage, the author of the book wont even use the words cheat or affair. It sends the message 'its alright to cheat ladies, you're programmed to do it' - I do agree (remember our nature Vs nurture discussion) that this is the case, but the piece rationalises as the causes without considering the effect....
Well I've done it before here and I'll do it again - I really do question the viability of long term monogamous relationships in the modern world. The expectation is there but reality very rarely matches up. It seems to create huge mental health issues and trauma on all sides.

Totally agree the Grauniad is trying to become so Woke it's bloody painful though. They were always bad but seem to have stepped it up the last 12 months

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