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Interim court order broken already - what to do now?
Inform CAFCASS and cc court in to the email raising your concerns.
Its good that you have the evidence to support the threat. Personally through experience and though fathers I worked with is that holdng back and sitting on the thought shall I or not press charges. Get the Police to press charges.
in family court it is always a uphill struggle for dads. Your ex would definitely be looking to string u up if i was you making the threats.

****Police were going to charge ex but decided it would be in my child's best interest if social services are involved*** well this says it all.
At least ask for a copy of the Police report - check what it says and that it correctly reflects what happened. What does your order actually say? Is it specific with days and times ie a defined order - or a bit woolly? If it's defined and she says daughter doesn't want to come, then enforce the order if she witheld the contact. At the same time, apply for a variation for the order to be defined and for all pickups and drop offs to be to and from school during term time. To do that you would need a full week-end from Friday after school until Monday morning and you can have anyone you want do the collections or dropoffs - that can even be stipulated in the order that your Father/Partner or whoever may do them but it isn't really necessary as when you're daughter is in your care it's your decision.

If you don't want a full week-end then as Warwickshire says - Friday from school, return to Mum Saturday pm and drop her a few yards away and she can walk from the car to the house. No contact.

Just wanted to add - this is an interim order. Courts use it to guage how things are going before making a final order. So keep careful notes to use in your statement for the final hearing and any documents you cna possibly lay your hands on as evidence - police report, social services report, email from the school - whatever. Evidence is everything at final hearing otherwise it's put down to both parents being as bad as each other. This is par for the course by the way and it can often get quite nasty in the run up to a final hearing. Hang in there - your daughter may have a rough patch but things will improved when you have an enforceable final order.
Thank you very much for the advice. I've requested the police report. Also this weekend, contact did not go ahead either. I keep receiving messages from my daughter's phone saying she doesn't want to come down as she is too upset and I won't listen to her "views" and the messages are full of guilt trips. I've explained I am happy to talk in person but I am told I am only to do it by text message not face to face. These messages are certainly not my daughter, she is not confident and doesn't have the backbone to do this and is such a people pleaser. She has told me before her mum openly uses her phone to message people and pose as her. Without a doubt, my ex will be using these messages against me and I'm certain my ex is controlling my daughter's phone and sending these messages. Will the court take text messages from a 12 year old's phone with a pinch of salt? Given that anyone can access the phone as she is only 12?

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